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Friday, December 15, 2006

Twelve Things to Not Do Before Christmas

1. Start cleaning out your mother in laws house so you can put it on the market.

2. Ask your husband what he wants for Christmas. They never want anything until it's the wrong gift.

3. Loan your vacuum cleaner to your daughter in law that lives in San Antonio

4. Have your husband ask you what you want for Christmas.

5. Wait until next week to shop.

6. Have eight grand children of very different ages to buy for.

7. Ask your husband to help you get the house clean for the holidays.

8. Have no idea what you are cooking.

9. Fall and hurt yourself.

10. Be more interested in your art than the holidays.

11. Gain weight...the amount will not be revealed.

12. Experience weather in the upper 70 degrees F. It just doesn't fill me with Christmas cheer.


Caitlin said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPS! Hugs, Miss G, and calming thoughts!

I need orange said...

I've got some more!

Never move at this time of year (my parents did, one year!).

Never have construction done at this time of year.


Reminding myself that "this, too, shall pass"......

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I did #9 last night, wish I would of read this post last night.

teri springer said...

Thank you for making me feel better....I still haven't sent off the gifts for the nieces in Germany or the kids in Canada.....with no snow and temps in the 50's I, too, am having a tough time getting into the Christmas spirit.


Karoda said...

Hey, glad you're back and sorry for your pain and busy pass the bon bons and the remote ;)

Gerrie said...

Too funny! I would add - don't end up in the emergency room with a life threatening infection. We will get everything done because we are super women, right?

I wish you would go to settings and use the pop up comment thingy!!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Sigh. Ain't life tough! You have a good Christmas anyway.

Rayna said...

OUCH! well, time with Sweet Ronnie and bonbons sounds like it almost makes up for the accident. Cheesh! Take care of yourself, will 'ya???

cfent said...

you take care of yourself dear!
i can so identify with the shopping at the last minute part....thank god that's over