Things are getting more and more eccentric at Casa de la Swain. Changing styles in my textile work, falling in love again with painting and photography...and then there is the ever illusive quest for continuing creativity through working with Eric Maisel. Still on the road teaching, posting now at the Ragged Cloth Cafe and taking the pledge to keep handmaiden up to date.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Close-up of bottom section Posted by Hello

Close-up top section Posted by Hello

Hard to see but next in the series Posted by Hello

Never Satisfied

Absolutely the last change....not like you can tell but it is tweaked a little

Okay, okay you are sick of this and it isn't even sewn together. However, the middle section still wasn't working so it got changed today. Also there are a few new shapes added or changed. In response to Diane's post of today, this is non-representational organic art. It doesn't have to look like anything, although I love still life and representational. Remember this is experimental stuff so it will take awhile to come to fruition. Regardless, this speaks to me so that is all that matters. Who are we making this stuff for anyway? Art is for the artist, not the viewer...think I said that before...must be getting old repeating myself.

The new work is pictured above but with the holiday doubt that much will get stuff and all that. Besides, there is lots of applique to be done on this piece. Have needle; will applique.

Hope you enjoyed the process photos whether you enjoyed the piece or not. It was fun for me to document the steps or mis-steps as the case might be. As always do what you love, learn all you can and dance with the muse.

On the garden front, what a terrible the darn thing has to be watered every day if not every other day since we have hit the 100 degree mark....of course, guess who has to do the watering. Add this to the list of how productive people get things done stress free.Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yard guy

So while hard at work in the studio, yard guy to the rescue...designed the curvilinear bed myself...picked the plants and yard guy does the work. What a deal. After seeing the result, probably need more mulch and more ground cover but that's for another day. Sewing time is near and there is not a needle in sight.

Dwarf nandina and liarope grass Posted by Hello

Couldn't resist this ground cover..will probably get more Posted by Hello

My croton in all its glory between Texas Sage and a new variety of bamboo Posted by Hello

Changing the subject..yard guy finally works on the front bed Posted by Hello

A resolution of sorts

Finally, channeling interaction...still a few small pieces but basically done
So the quilt is almost finished and what happens, nothing works in the middle section....absolutely nothing. Hours later finally resolved...see posted results but it is just a resolution, probably not the most exciting of interactions. None the less, there is learning happening and the next piece is in the wings.
This has been such a revelation....and such hard work. When you are accustomed to working with color theory and suddenly change mid-stream, all the synapes start miss firing. I am sure the piece could be better and maybe someday, I will try again. For now, it works for me. What do ya think? Be brain is so fried I won't remember who said what anyway. Posted by Hello

and it doesn't end with just one pile Posted by Hello

The cost of working without color theory Posted by Hello

Mr Albers and Me

Help Mr. Albers...what belongs in the middle? Posted by Hello

The "C" Thing just for Karoda

Here's the run down so you can understand the question asked by Karoda. My sons are named: Charles, Craig, Christopher, and Thomas. My twin grandsons are named Collin and Cyrus. Karoda asks if this is a family tradition like in geneology. Oh, if it were that interesting. Basically, I just wasn't thinking until I got to Thomas, who actually bears the family name as his middle name...another story.

Charles is named for my father, being a daddy's girl, I wanted to honor him. Craig's story is much more interesting. When I was pregnant with Craig, I worked in two night clubs, The Magic Forest and the Occult Cafe both in Houston. Don't get excited I wasn't schelping orders...I was reading Tarot cards. We also had numerologists, astrologers, graphologists, etc. The bartender at the Magic Forest was always worried about me...brought me smoothies he would mix behind the bar and free healthy food from the kitchen. His name was Craig Culpepper......hence the name... Craig. Besides, I loved how Celtic it sounded and so manly. Okay anyway, he is named for a bartender. His middle name is Anthony for his Italian god joke.

At this point, no thought was given that they both had "C" names.Then along comes Christopher who I was sure was going to be a girl. His name was going to be Kyrie but instead he fooled me and turned out to be a boy. Being a married to a numerologists, he had to have the perfect Christopher it those lucky "h's"in there. Little did I know every other boy born that year was named Christopher. He went to school with about half of the class named Chris....we even had two neighbors named Chris. However, he has a great niddle name, Benjamin, again after my father.

Now it dawns on me...what have I done! It was like roll call around here, running through every name until you hit the right one. And then surprise, pregnant again with Thomas. Bound and determined not to give him a "C" name, much thought was given. Thomas was named after a tv character, Thomas Sullivan Magnum...remember, Tom Selleck and Hawaii. However, Thomas does bear the family name: Thomas Harlan Swain.

So Karoda here is the family tradition: my husband is Ronald Harlan Swain, his father was Francis Harlan Swain and his father was Mitchell Harlan Swain. This all coming from Harlan county Georgia....wish I knew more of the story but it was lost along the way.

As to Collin and Cyrus, Kelly and Craig did that on their own....partly because they are twins and partly because of the meaning of the names. I know they will live to regret calling both boys when they only want one but that will be much later.

And, if that isn't bad enough, Chris' family is all "j's" except for him. Wife, Jillaine (Jillaine Swain, isn't that a name that was meant to be...oh the illiteration of it all), daughters Jene' and Jayden. The new baby boy is going to be Jace....don't even ask me where that came from and I hope that the spelling is correct. He will also have Chris' middle name Benjamin so grandma may just call him Ben to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

Charles' sons are Tristan and Gareth, again that Celtic thing but at least you know the difference when calling them. So that's the story....all the other boys are requiring that Thomas have a son who carries the Harlan tradition but who knows what the future will bring.

Just to add some fun to the mix, I was such a hippy chick that Craig, Chris and Thomas were all born at home with a midwife. This way I know they couldn't have been changed at birth since they never left my side. Although there are days that I would swear they belong to someone else.....and in fact, now they all do except for Thom. Now they all have their wives to keep them
doing the right thing.....I gladly relinquish that duty. Keep you fingers crossed that Thom will be so lucky but after law school.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Busy Day at Grandma's House

Sorry about all the pictures but wanted to share with you some of the fun we had at the zoo. We didn't stay too 1 p.m. it was almost 100 degrees F. Remember it is summer in Texas.

Before the gang arrived I managed a few minutes in the studio. In the continuing saga of how I work, the pictures of adding new pieces to the quilt might come in handy. Tonight I will baste all the pieces that are pinned in place just to make the quilt easier to handle. Doubt that I will get any applique done but at least it will be ready to go.

As to the new book, haven't gotten that far so can't say too much. However one quote did catch my eye: "Time is the quality of nature that keeps events from happening all at once. Lately it doesn't seem to be working." Anonymous....good old anonymous seems to have gotten it right again. Guarantee around here everything is happening all at once...juggling lots of balls in the air at the moment. Worried this is like the Artist's Way, you have to do so much to be stress free that you are completely stressed getting there but will keep you posted.
Have a great lots of hot dogs and apple pie.

What I am currently reading...can this be true...stress free productivity? Posted by Hello

New piece pinned carefully in place ready to be basted to background piece Posted by Hello

new piece positioned over lines on pattern that show through base fabric Posted by Hello

Back to business....the quilt is placed on the light box to add the next piece Posted by Hello

Off to the wild west Posted by Hello

Important laws to remember when you are in Texas Posted by Hello

Cyrus delights at animals smaller than he is Posted by Hello

Collin loved the zoo Posted by Hello

Charles on left and Craig on right know how to handle wild creatures Posted by Hello

Gaia, obviously isn't afraid of this dragon Posted by Hello

Gareth bags a komado dragon Posted by Hello

Glorious bamboo stands keeps things cool at the zoo Posted by Hello

Water fall at entrance of zoo Posted by Hello

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