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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Melbourne Day 2

I thought I would have more energy today but still suffering from some jet lag. Fell asleep around 8:30 p.m. and woke upat 3:23 a.m. Hoping for a better tomorrow. However, I did make my usual venture out just not as long as I would have liked.
Today's pictures include two views of the Grand Hotel, the convention center is on the other side of the over pass. Had to include scenes from my favorite Jarrah House, inside and outside. Loved the Backpackers Hotel, if I could get a big enough backpack for my shoes. Last but not least the infamous, Australian diet cokes.Please take note of the size of the bottle and the cost of four. It takes my breath away.
Will try to post some shops, museum, or galleries tomorrow.
Not bad enough the airport snafu but I am sitting quitely in my room watching season 5 of "24" that son Craig loaned me for the trip when suddenly all the bells whistle, sirens and a deep, manly voice comes over the intercom requesting that we please evacuate the building immediately. After serveral flights of stairs...breathing heavily...I arrive on the street to be met by several wardens with explosive unit written on their uniforms. Not to worry it was a drill but it certainly was exciting. I am not sure how much more of this is to be expected during this trip. Like getting electrified by the mic at my lecture.....nah! However, I anxiously await what tomorrow will bring. Nothing like OZ for excitement....and I haven't even had a single Cosmopolitan yet nor have I entered the casino doors.....but I still have plenty of time to get in trouble...ya think? Posted by Picasa

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Sharon said...

G'day Gabrielle
It is nice to see you back in Oz... It doesn't seem a little over 12 months since you were last here... I am sorry that I won't have a chance to catch up with you this year as I am working full time now... In fact I don't even think I shall make it to the Convention itself this year - which is a shame... But such is life... I am actually doing a lino printing workshop this weekend and I cast my nind back to the Magaret Preston exhitbition we veiwed - I have often cast my mind back to the convesations we had that day... You have a wonderful visit here and I shall look forward to your daily documentry on my beloved city... Take care now..