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Thursday, March 13, 2008

What to Do Until Lou Dobbs Signs Off

Sweet Ronnie is a Lou Dobbs fan; me, I am exhausted by all the political rantings from everyone. So what is one to do until Lou Dobbs signs off for today. One could finish the enlargements for two new quilts. Or get out the design for Last Leaf and start reworking it. Oh, I didn't tell you? I tossed away the finished, layered top even though I had already started quilting it. What? You gasp. Trust me. The design works but my color work had the background competing with the foreground for attention. Lesson learned....don't fall in love with the background design.

Or one could work on the computer while listening to old radio shows on This past Monday, I spent all day at the computer and think I am caught up on the most pressing emails and contracts. Of course, there are still the dvd orders but since my faithful Kanguru duplicator is in the hospital, I am twiddling my the run on sentence.

If so inclined, even a quiltmaker can read. Two books I recently finished....great reads. Or you could update your blog. Now that's a good choice for this time of day....after a wonderful dinner but before the evening starts.
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