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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The "Top of the World, Ma" List

Okay, having dated myself by quoting a James Cagney gangster's a partial list of things to do from my beady, little mind.

If I was on top of the world:

No one would be hungry. There would be food for everyone on the planet.

No one would be thirsty. Clean, pure water would be available from the smallest village to the largest city.

No one would be homeless....self-explanatory.

Now that the big problems are solved....on to smaller things.

Age would be respected...youth is truly wasted on the young.

There would enough hours in the day to do what you want.

Work would be something you do not who you are....and we would do less of it. Time away from work would be just as important as time at work.

No one would be judged by the house they live in, the car they own or how much money they have....but instead by "the content of their character." Thank you Dr. King.

Literature, theatre, art and science would be just as important to society as making money.

There would be 90% less marketing and 100% better products.

The FDA would actually regulate something....strange idea, no?

The EPA would actually do something to stop and clean up the environment.

Our national budget wouldn't be in the red without someone correcting it. Does your bank allow you to over draft billions of dollars? Not that a good shopping trip wouldn't be fun.

On a more personal note:

Sweet Ronnie would be Mr. Fix-It. In my dreams...

My house would magically clean itself. Imagine, some sort of "Bewitched" trick, where you wiggle your nose and the house is all shiny.

Busby would not shed long, white hair on every surface. Found a cat hair on the microwave yesterday...eeuoow.

I could eat anything I want and not gain a pound. Oh, to be a teenager again!

That's partial list...pretty radical....or except for the personal things, fairly sane? What do you think?


Amazon Anne said...

Actually your list works for me, but I'd add the following:
--phone calls would only be from people you like and bring good news
--youngsters [i.e., younger than me] would develop discipline and manners
--no animal would ever be mistreated

Good to think about today--and you certainly started with the cosmic!

Scrapmaker said...

Sounds good to me, the world is a pretty heartbreaking place as is.
Not to focus in on the trivial, but I have often wished for a "handy" DH too. I wouldn't trade him, though, he's the best. Jen

Karoda said...

great list and your world would be a grand one! on a personal note, i'll add real people would answer telephones!