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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hoping you haven't forgotten me?

I have spent much of the last month in the Heartland teaching and of course, working on dvd's for market. However, I couldn't resist posting pictures from my visit to Lawrence, Kansas and Des Moines, Iowa. These are incredible guilds. I feel so spoiled by them I may never be good for anything ever again.
Some of the ladies in Lawence had never designed before but were skilled far beyond their expectations. You will see the amazing work they produced from these pictures.
Fabric selection was imperative for each design and often required the help of a neighbor. Deep in discussion always adds to the process of design and fellowship.
Aren't these some of the most exciting flowers ever? See you can do just have to give yourself the time. Most of us are working from the fabric letting us inspire us. I work and teach my students to work from the design first and then move to the fabric. When you work in this way, you always have a road map to guide you to exactly where you want to go. Posted by Picasa

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Rayna said...

Aren't those Lawrence women great??
I had the best time doing a workshop with them in May!