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Friday, April 11, 2008

After the Storm

North Central Texas in spring and early summer can be a rather lively place. Not that many other states aren't in the same weather pattern. This week we have been in the path of the cool air meeting the warm air.....perfect conditions for the dreaded Severe Thunderstorms. The winds really take their toll. The leaf above was blasted onto our front porch. Since the leaf was wet from the rain, it stuck to the least, until it dried out.

The neighbor down the street lost part of the tree in their front yard.

All the sidewalks and streets were covered in debris. We even found two crab apples in the driveway....with not a tree in sight. There is no telling how far they had to travel in the wind to get to us. Two hours west, in Breckenridge, a tornado managed to touch down. Taking away several homes but, fortunately only injuring 5 people. That doesn't count how much was lost due to other winds and loss of power.

We were luck only some shingles were sticky straight up off the rood. Sweet Ronnie climbed on top of the house and repaired them. No photo, as you might well expect. I was forbidden to get near him with a camera. So spring is here....along with the American Airlines debacle.

This isn't building confidence. Recalling all the times, having flown American lots, that my plane was an MD 80 or Super case you didn't realize...they have grounded almost the entire fleet due to bad wiring. Excuse me....ahem...don't y'all do regular maintenance? Thanks guys for all the great regulation of safety on the airlines. Oh, let's see and you gave them all this money to save them and the airlines still want to be bailed out? Oops!
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