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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring, Summer, Fall...What Season Is it?

The joys of having an established garden are amazing. Stuff that was planted last year is blooming and thriving. However, there are some plants that shouldn't be. Behind the ground cover are got it. Fall mums with buds on them. Summer temps in Texas are bound to fry them to a golden crispy texture. They have no idea the fate that awaits them. Poor babies.

They are happily growing beside the Snap Dragons that have already bloomed. There are several more Snaps full of buds and about to bloom. This precocious darling decided to get a head start on the show. It has been blooming for about two weeks.

And, of course don't forget the garden favorite...dandelion. Fighting a losing battle with these invading, maurading suckers.
But, I ask you what is going on? Mums, Snaps and snow in March. Texas has weird question. My garden is testament to that fact. Could something more be at play? Could it be a change in the climate? Could the scientist and Al Gore be correct? The last thing Texas needs is more warm weather. You will hear me moaning when summer arrives.

But will summer arrive? For the mums sake, it would be great if we had a mild summer....for the planet? Owwie, my head hurts just thinking about all the consequences.
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Deb said...

As much as we might hate the notion, I'm fairly sure Al's right. Last year I was observing a live Owl cam from Italy,TX and the poor little early hatchers died from heat exhaustion - in March.