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Monday, April 28, 2008

Quiltmaking as Art/ Home from Paducah

Finally near the camera cables to post a few of the snaps from Paducah. Please note no quilts....again out of respect for the quilt makers. All of the photos are published in a great catalog from AQS if you would like to see who was in the show.

Being in Paducah was truly an experience of renewal for me. Coming home is good especially if you come home with a great sense of renewal and appreciation for quiltmaking as an art. Truly, it doesn't matter what style, traditional or non-traditional, each quilt carried with it the spirit of the quiltmaker.

We are so lucky to have textiles as an art form. Long associated with women and utilitarian needs, quilts have not just come into their own.....they have always been an artistic expression for women. Now artist in other media are turning to textiles to express their artistic needs and images.

So no matter how you work, bless those who started our tradition and those who are still carrying that tradition into the future.
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Rachel E. Holmen said...

Hi, Gabrielle. I just got into your workshop for tomorrow morning (Sat. May 17). I can probably show you how to post your pictures even if you forget the cable. (You will need a tiny gadget, or else the right slot on a computer in an internet cafe.)

Looking forward to meeting you.

-- Rachel Holmen, MapleLeafREH dot Blogspot dot Com