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Monday, May 15, 2006

Midwest Applique Retreat

Finally a chance to blog all the latest doings. Hope I have not lost all my dear readers. First, here are some photos of the gorgeous setting for the Midwest Applique Retreat at the Pere Marquette Center. The weather was cool, rainy and sunny...something for everyone. We had a great time as usual when you get a bunch of appliquers together. Both my classes had outstanding students but extra kudos to the design class. They were forced gently by their slave driving teacher into territories unknow. Not to be deterred they rose to the occasion as I knew they would.

This would be a great place to visit just to get away from it all. Quiet and calm, lots of hiking trails and a casino nearby...who could ask for more. Of course, for me it was the interaction with the students that again inspired me to come home and work. However, there was lots of paperwork...still being done...and then Mother's to follow. I cannot recommend strongly enough taking away some time from your daily life to attend a retreat like this. Anne Peck, our co-cordinator, made my life easy and ran a very professional conference. My hat's off to you Anne.

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