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Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Woman's Perogative

Okay so the other orientation wasn't as good. The good news is it is pieced. Needs a good press and to be squared up. Cropping tools are great but they don't always make the quilt square.....especially if it isn't straight on the wall. I absolutely can't wait to get to the surface design....this will be a completely different piece. However, I am on a roll so I have already selected the palette for the next piece. See below.
Think I will call this series Meditations. Not sure if there will be a sub-title but not crazy about Meditations I and II etc. either. Looks like I have time to decide.
Here's the bigger I doing what I am supposed to be doing? No! If I plan on having a quilt for Houston, I should be doing the surface design work on it, layering it up and madly quilting....especially since the deadline is in July. But no, why do today what you can put off to the point where you are madly rushing to make the deadline.
Philosophy moment: So I don't have a quilt in Houston this
year....the world will not end. When you are in the zone, shouldn't you make as much of that time as you can? After all what is this is all about...being an artist or being in Houston? This period of creativity energy will change all too soon....gotta grab it while it is available. I don't consider this avoidance behavior. This is a path that is asking to be followed. If I finished them all, I will have four pieces...woo hoo another series and since one of my goals was to move more to the abstract, it is also satisfying that need. However, I gotta tell ya I still don't like to piece so this is sure to be a short-lived cycle.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my craftsmanship post. It is good to know one isn't alone in the wilderness. And, no I didn't get any reading done but I did look at the new Chico's catalogue. Does that count?
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Debra said...

I love the look of this new one.. and the palette of the next is exquisite.

So you might not have a quilt in Houston... yeah, it's a big (prestigous). But that also means it's a big (how many people will remember that they didn't see one of your quilts?)show. The work is the most important thing for you.

Gerrie said...

I love the colors in both - the pieced and the ready to work on. I am happy to have you working and sharing your progress with us!

Mrs. Mel said...

It is a far far better thing to have new work in process and to be looking for a show to enter when it is made, than to have to scramble to make something for the show deadline.
Humming one of those chants from an Eastern religion as I say this...

teri springer said...

Yep, I'm with Deb and Mel....even tho I have several show entry forms on my wall in the studio, only one of them will have a quilt specifically made for it. The rest, well IF I get something done and IF it is appropriate for the show, fine. If not...not gonna worry about it. I do what the fabric and my muse dictate.....


cfent said...

just keep doing the work dear.
its wonderful.
i cant wati to see where you go with this!