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Friday, May 05, 2006

Promises, Promises

Remember all that work I was going to do when I got home...and the new DVD that was going to be finished...not! To make it worse, I have to leave Sunday for another teaching gig so you know I will be playing and not working. What is wrong with me? I have all the desire but am seriously lacking in the just do it part. I haven't even blogged..sheesh!
There really isn't much news. Son Thomas is home for about a week before he starts his internship with the Texas State Attorney General. Doesn't that sound important? Of course, we all know he will be working like a dog and getting paid for six out of ten weeks work...but he is excited and we are proud. He will be working in the department that both prosecutes and defends police on constitutional issues. All the grandkidlets are fine and hopefully, their parents as well. Ronnie is sweet as ever. I am a slug. Would someone send me some make a quilt pills quick?
Almost forgot the big news: I now have a business manager, assistant whatever she wants to call herself. This is such a weight off my shoulders....maybe I will be more active in the studio. My darling daughter in law, Christy is going to get her mother in law squared away. Kiss, kiss. Now this is not your average business manager; Christy is a full-time employed stock broker but works a schedule that will allow her to help me once or twice a week as needed.
So this lame post is at an end...gotta pack, go to the grocery store and other assorted duties. I am trying out my new projector on this retreat. Wish me luck. I am only using it to demonstrate techniques so that everyone can easily see at the same time.....sounds too easy but am going to give it a whirl.

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teri springer said...

Working for the AG sounds like fun. I don't know if you've ever met her but Crystal Griffith from Florida has a daughter who works for the Texas AG.

I am SO excited to find out that your class at AQT is a go!!

i sure do miss you when you are off teaching.....