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Sunday, March 11, 2007

IndieArts DVD Zine

Yes, Indie Arts was my inspiration for the art quilt dvd zine. However, IndieArts covers all media from fine arts, collage, calligraphy and more. Our focus will be solely on original design, art quilts, exhibitions, an occasional new product, the gallery situation for textiles, SAQA, etc.

Just in case, I did not make this clear, this is not an on-line magazine that you can download. The file would be huge and with a normal burner probably take more than an hour. This is a tangible dvd that you will be able to play on anything that plays dvd's. I don't want you to be stuck in front of your computer unless that is the way you prefer to view dvd's. I want you sitting comfortably on the sofa watching what is basically a documentary film. Hope that clarifies some of the questions.

IndieArts is a fabulous zine and hope you will all take time to get at least one copy. My compliments to the vision and execution of the publication.
Now I promise to shut up about this and get to work. Still waiting for those title ideas.


Caitlin said...

I can't think of a name off hand but I am looking forward to it!

Amazon Anne said...

I hereby tender the titles of "Electronic Handmaiden" and/or "SwainZine" . . . doesn't seem to be a long list so far--maybe I'll win! ;-)

Jeannie said...

My head hurts from thinking. I have played around with the following: Behind the Seams with Gabrielle; From the Studio Couch to Your's with Gabrielle; Artfully Yours Zine. Now I can go to sleep ( I hope!)

Jeannie said...

Latest pop up in my head - Into the Studio and Beyond

Patricia said...

How about Quilt-a-zine, the dvd magazine for art quilters.