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Friday, March 09, 2007

Off to the Races

Thank you all for your positive responses to my new hair-brained idea....great questions and more than enough positive energy to make me think this might just be possible. Just to let you know I called Kim DeCoste at Quilts, Inc. and asked to do a School House session on how to market dvd's in quilt shops and to launch the new dvd I guess I am committed.
After crunching the numbers and considering the production involved, since this would not be like an instructional dvd....much shorter and a lot less work for me, I have arrived at this cost. Again, all comments are welcome. If you just buy individual issues, they would be $12.95; if after viewing a few you thought they were worthwhile and year's subscription (quarterly issues) would be $24.95. Whadda ya think?
Oh yeah, I meant to answer the question about being paid for interviews. I cannot tell you how many magazines have interviewed me in the past years. You do not get paid for's free publicity. However, you do get paid for doing articles and a pittance for using your images in said article. In fact, I was interviewed in Australia where they took pictures of me with my quilts and no $ were mentioned. Now since I am home another magazine writer who was at my opening ceremony lecture wants to interview me via email. Again no $ involved. So I guess the rule of thumb is if you do the work you get paid; if we do the work, you get free pr. Remember the only bad publicity is no publicity.
Now to get a title, to get the first issue selections going and ready to launch by November for quilt market and festival.....and of course, son Craig to design a page for the website. Call me crazy, huh? However, if this works it could be just what our market needs filling that void of make it and take it or totally pattern filled print magazines.
In my spare time, I am working on my entry for Houston. I have either hit my second wind or just gone over the cliff.
Please send any ideas of who or what you would like to see in the dvd zine. You are free to email me off line if you don't want to post in the comments.
BTW, Ronnie has that gleam in his eye like here she goes again.....sigh...that's what he gets for retiring. If he was still working I would be doing this and he wouldn't know until the first issue was already burned.

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Patricia said...

I can't wait! I would love to get an art quilt magazine on CD. Other topics could include Alyson from ArtBiz on selling your art. I love hearing the "why" from creative people, the thought process and then the reality of the results.