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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Some Basic Format Answers on the dvd zine

First, I see this as totally different from Quilting Arts, in that there would be minimal focus on how-to's. The basic format would include a featured artist, interviews with artist in their studio or in a teaching environment, an occasional article on some pertinent issue such as copyright etc.

Just off the top of my head: an interview with Loni Rossi or Jane Sassaman on how they turned their art into a fabric line.
A review and video of major shows like art Quilts at the Sedgwick
Interviews with both teachers and students at Art Quilt Tahoe or QSDS
Slide show of recent work from you with artist statements
A visit to Claire Fenton on her work after Katrina

Certainly submissions would be welcome from any artist for consideration.

An on-site view of Houston and Paducah with interviews of the winners or just constants.
New product interviews with the makers.

How's it sounding so far? Again any suggestions welcome.


Jeannie said...

I think there is a real market for this format. Magazine articles are ok, but you really don't get a feel for the person behind the art or their art. That is why I read your (and others) blogs. I learn so much about the process of creating from you all. Realizing that to make art you have to work hard and experiment. I don't want to make your leaf quilts or Claire's or Gerrie's or Liz's - the list goes on. I am more interested in the creative process. How can I expand myself creatively (I have the physical part down pat!) There are two books by Bailey Curtis that profiles textile artists showing their work, studios, sketchbooks, etc. They are short interviews, but full of information. I think the ideas you have laid out are wonderful. Cheers!

Karoda said...

Interviews, especially with winning show artists and solo artists would be the coolest!

Gerrie said...

I think there is an almost endless supply of topics. There are many artists who do not have the wherewithall to produce a dvd and we would love to see their work and their design process. Someone recently mentioned that the PBS program on The Art of Quilting had too much how the artists did it and not enough on the design process.

Certainly, you will have to work out copyright with some shows that produce dvd catalogs to sell. The idea of interviews with the art work is a really good one.

Go for it!

Amazon Anne said...

Sounds good to me--as a fledgling in the "art" side of quilting, seeing artists' works and hearing their viewpoints would be VERY interesting . . . depending on how you priced it, of course! Keep perking--

cfent said...

i would be thrilled to be included;
what an honor... i thought it was a great idea even before this post.