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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Studio Blues

Not only is my poor blog suffering from lack of postings but my studio is even sadder from lack of visitations. How do you manage to travel and teach and still get all that new work done that is in your sketch book, already in progress or still floating around in your head? The eternal dilemna of my life.
I keep reading all the pundits that tell me to get better organized. Phooey. I am organized to the hilt. Everthing in both the studio and office is acessible and as organized as I plan on ever being. If I can put my hands on what I need I consider that organized.
The other pundits tell me this is a plateau because I am making a transition in my work and that soon the plateau will begin to rise to the next level. Okay, I am patiently waiting for that one.....but shouldn't I still be producing some finished work?
Woe is me....I see a full blow pity party on the horizon. To be honest, I think I am just being lazy. There I said it. Since sweet Ronnie retired, I awaken to him being in the house (something I am adjusting to), I do my daily ablutions and then join him on the sofa and that is as far as I get. Business such as emails and shipping dvd's gets taken care of but then I go back to the sofa. I am enjoying his company but this has to stop.
Of course, not being home does keep me out of the studio. My spring travel schedule is way over the top but summer is better. I will just have to get my fix through watching all of your creative endeavors and drool with envy. Just for grins I will try to post pictures of everything that I have in progress so you won' think I am a total slug.....maybe it will inspire me to get off the sofa.
Enough of the maudlin drivel, off to teach Borrowed Tools to the great ladies in Kerrville, Texas.....Hill Country, one of the most beautiful parts of my home state.

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Jeannie said...

With growth, there is always a plateau - kind of like when trying to diet - stuck - no weight loss and hopefully no gain. Even though you did not retire, having a spouse retire affects you. One of the hardest things I have learned in the past three years since my DH retired is that I am not the USO. It is not my responsibility to entertain him or keep him amused. DH did not ask for me to be in this role, but the mothering instinct kicked in and I assumed (yeah, I know) this role was what was expected. He found some things that he is passionate about and I learned an important lesson.