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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Portrait of the Lawyer as a Young Man

Look at that sweet face....hard to believe someday he might be a shark in the court room. Thom and his friends were still discussing ethics and improper conduct. When I asked him if he was going to miss law school. he replied with a simple"Not at all." He has a month off and then starts the classes designed to help you pass the Texas bar. However I think his chances are good. The percentage of Baylor graduates who pass the bar the first time is between 97 and99%......higher than any other law school in Texas.

So a of yesterday at noon I am the mother of Dr. Thomas Harlan Swain......that won't cure any body problems but is sounds good. Or it could be Thomas Harlan Swain, J. D.D. Juris Doctor......his decision is finally made.....litigation in the state or Fedral level. He hopes to get a job in Austin and work there.

With brothers and neices in attendance, mom and dad tagging along a good time was had by all.....mostly we are so proud and know he will stick to those ethics. He is just one of
the good guys. That birhgt and shiny face full of hope to change the world.....if we could all hold on to that. Congratulations did it....we wish you a long successful and rewarding career. Oh and by the way, just in case I need a lawyer you will consider me a client, no?

After graducation, we flew home to the airport.....arrived on time and I finally made it to Cambria about midnight due to the fog that rolled in. The drive was good though and I am ready to start with a half day of teaching today. More pictures to follow.

On another note, I sprung for a wireless broadband card since my computer got hacked twice last month using hotel unsecure wireless. Just a warning to the wise. It was about $150 with a $50 rebate for the card, unlimited time at $60 as month but well worth the secure, encrypted connection. I am using Verizon since they are my phone carrier but all the companies have them now.

That's all for now....will check back in after class to see how much trouble wre have managed to get into on the first day.
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Karoda said...

Congratulations to your son and the mama as well!

Diane D. said...

Congratulations to your whole family. His accomplishments are a wonderful reflection of you.