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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An I Told You So

Warning...warning...warning! What ever you do don't clean up your studio?

This is not a cruel hoax but a tale straight from Dickens. Knowing that we were shooting on the 18th, I got busy yesterday to clean up the mess from my previous post. Results: I can't find anything I need for the shoot.

I am going to use "Last Leaf" as an example for designing applique quilts. Do you think I can find the sketch book where the original drawing is....or even the transparency used to enlarge it, nada.
Remember my fit of frustration where I torn up all the full size cartoons that had be hanging on the studio wall for months? Gone. I keep everything very organized in folders or in the original sketch book....but they are no where to be found.

I even messed up the studio hunting for them only to have to clean it again. So my fervent prayer is don't clean until you have only a few inches in which to work. Of course, they will show up right after we finish the's a law.

The only solution was to reverse engineer. I already had the full size drawing and thank to my posting progress and good photo of the finished top. I printed out the top and will put it on the light box to get the sketch and from there create the transparency. Sheesh...what next?

I do still have all the Earth and Sky so the environmental series is in good shape..albeit either not appliqued or not quilted but at least in tact. See what happens when the bad angel on your left hand shoulder starts whispering in your ear.

'Nuf said....just remember I warned you.

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atet said...

Studio, office, anyplace in the house. Welcome back from your "break" (everyone needs some time away from things, even things they love so I will call it a break) -- and glad to see you posting again!