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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ready for my Close-up Mr. DeMille

Arriving tonight at 8:50p.m. is my beloved son, Chris. He is the man behind the camera in the dvd's. He is also the consummate director, set designer, videographer and general all around pain in the you know what. For one dvd, I had to make fifteen outfit changes before he was happy with the way it looked in the camera....but he knows his stuff. I am sure he will not be happy with the fact that I have gained 10 more distressed than I am, I assure you.
However, I am so grateful to his wonderful wife, Jillaine, for allowing him the time away from their family to shoot "Designing Applique Quilts" which we will release at Fall Market and Festival.....along with the launch of the DVD zine "Behind the Seams." Since he has a full time job with Toyota, I will be doing the filming for the magazine, which I am sure he will critique to no end, but he can't just at the drop of a hat fly to Taos to interview Eric Maisel and Viv and John of ArtSong for the Creativity for Life wish me luck on that one.
He will also hate that I posted this picture since he has lost weight since then but hey, if I am going to look ten pounds heavier, I think it is only fair.
The studio is ready.....projects ready....filming storyboarded so tomorrow morning we start production. We will probably go into the wee hours since I have to leave on the 21st for a gig in California. I have complete faith that he will keep me on task...funny the role reversal of your son telling his mom what to do and what not to do. I think he loves it. And on a personal note, I am proud that he is his own man and has left the nest strong and capable. He is a man fully grown, especially after his 6 years in the Army, which, of course included a tour in Iraq.
All of my sons amaze me. They are all incredibly talented in each of their fields. Craig and Chris are extremely talented in their own right but have to make a living that art wouldn't support. I hope that in the future they can get back to their art. Chris is an incredible painter and obviously photographer. Craig is a 3-D guy who does amazing sculptural work from origami to a formula he developed using plaster of paris with glazes and is also my computer guru, handling the websites and speaking a language only his dad understands. Charles is not only a 3-D artist who is building an HO scale model of a section of Route 66 through Arizona but also hosts a indie radio show and does some technical writing for model railroading. His love is poetry but we know how much $ that makes. Last but not least, Thomas, who can barely draw and straight line or sign his name legibly, is the best debater, gift of gab and general all around performer. His bar exams are coming up this month. Every on keep your fingers crossed he passes the first time.
Not sure where all this talent came from but they have it in their dna. So as Pete Townsend said of the generation of hippies that raised children in the counter-culture, "The kids are all spite of us." Or maybe because of us, our home motto was always "Do the right thing." You will know when you aren' can feel it in your gut, the vibes get bad....walk away.
So , my darling son, I await your arrival this evening and getting to see you smiling face and some big hugs. Will keep you posted on the filming progress as the task master puts me through my paces.
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Valeri said...

I'm so pleased you have another DVD coming out!! They are such fun!