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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth Day '07

Was anyone else as blow away by the Live Earth Day production, as I was? After being in the "film" business for several years now and finally learning about editing, this was a technical nightmare that they pulled off equisitely. While I did not watch all of the show, what I did watch had a very surprising effect on me. The transition work I have been doing has had the working title of "Earth and Sky." I know now that the subtitle will be "Global Warming." I have a drawing of dry river bed and melting ice floes...slap my self on the forehead and thank you Al Gore. It is probably no surprise that I am a small beacon of blue in a state that was once blood red and now is becoming slightly red violet. All artists probably lean toward blue because of our unflagging belief in the right to express our feelings and opinions. I respect your beliefs and would go to the mat to allow you the same rights that I hope you would allow me.

I have an unwavering trust in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights....just a little jaded by the people who are supposedly protecting and defending them. The exception is our troops, the young men and now women, who are every day in harm's way. My father served in the Pacific in WWII, my husband was sitting on Yankee Station in the Tonkien Gulf in Vietnam and my son, Chris, served for 6 years in a combat tatical tank corp in Iraq. My admiration for their bravery knows no bounds. However, the global warming issue transcends all politics. It is a moral, ethical and personal issue. If as an artist I can help bring any awareness to this issue, it is not only my responsibility; it is the least I can do. Strange when the student is ready the teacher always appears....and the energy this has engendered in me is wiping away the dark cloud hanging over my head. Looks like it is back to work thanks to Al and Kevin Wall and all the incredible musicians that took part in this endeavor.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my melt down. We are truly a community of kindred spirits. I haven't met many of you but I feel as if I know you well and your comments were like salve on an open I can never thank you enough. This to shall pass and I will not be broken....maybe a bruise here and there but they will heal.

On a minor note, if you aren't working in your studio how does it end up looking like this? Gremlins, I say or maybe studio imps. Since we are starting to film on 18 July, I guess I better get the place in a little more spiffy condition. Housework, ugh, a necessary evil. There are great advantages to being self-employed and some major dis-advantages.....I gotta talk with my boss about all the work that needs to be done but she is never home and is kinda strident about "just do it and shut up." Maybe I should be looking for a new boss? Nah! I have just gotten used to this one and all in all she is pretty easy to work for.

One more bit of trivia, it has rained for 48 days in Texas....not consecutive but several weeks of consecutive. We have a backyard that is now a swimming pool and Ronnie is getting out the Ark building supplies. Lucikly we live on a high side of the 820 Loop so we haven't been flooded but the grass in my yard could feed a herd of goats. You would think this would bring cool weather but remember we are in you get between 80-90 degrees F. with 80 something % humidity until the rain falls. Outdoor sauna, anyone?

Here's to a productive and beautiful summer week for all.

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Deb said...

I was fascinated with the foreign venues and artists unknown to me - to see the audiences carrying on for their homegrown talent the same way we do here gave me a good feeling. To know that feelings of unity over something as trivial as a music performance can be moved to something as important as recognizing the fragility of our planet gave me hope.

My Dad, who still stalks his land,
also served in the Pacific WW2 aboard the USS Braine. They were so young.