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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Being Off the Road

This is a whole new world. Adapting to being at home has been a real challenge which has also been a real surprise to me. Of course, I know this is only a short respite but it has been quite interesting. Just a couple of oddities: all of my cd's are completely out of order and the house is in danger of being closed by the board of health.
Not that I am the greatest at cleaning in the first place but this is beyond the pale. With Thom coming home, I did the bare minimum but it made me realize how bad it was. The only two rooms worth any good comment were the studio and the office. How odd, huh? Naturally they were the best out of necessity since they are the two rooms where I spend the most time. The lesson I learned is that I am not house proud.
Let me clarify: I love my house and all the doo-dads, especially the blue glass, but we don't entertain so I don't feel the need to live in a show case. Sweet Ronnie and I are truly reclusive. We enjoy each other and we both fiercely guard our private time. Who would I be showing our home to?
Instead of a show case, we have a livable home. Everything is about comfort and not worrying if something is out of place. However, I must admit one can take this just so far. It isn't the dust, or the dirty dishes that is driving me nuts. It is the clutter. Unread stacks of books and magazines, clothes thrown in a pile from one trip to another, shoes tossed in another pile, papers that need to be shredded.....and those @#$% cd's. It is overwhelming how lax I have been in dealing with these simple tasks.
On the brighter side, it is good to be rested and finally coming out of total exhaustion. I am so excited about working on the dvd zine which is falling into place almost too easily. It is a challenge learning to edit and a gift to have the time to do so....and a joy that on Tuesday I will get to spend the day with my grandson , Gareth (Charles and Christy's youngest) since he lives in Virginia with his mom.
So the clutter will just have to be dealt with in small will get done but just living in a timeless world takes precedence at the moment. I often don't know what day it is since neither of us are working. I never realized what a luxury that would be free from time.
I plan on wallowing in that luxury for as long as possible because it will end all too quickly.


Karoda said...

Okay, you need to write those home organization shows on hgtv and scream HELP! just kidding...i really work hard to embrace the "only handle it once" theory for staying de-cluttered...sometimes it works, sometimes,...wellll, I'm naturally forgiving by nature :)

atet said...

As someone whose clutter and dust bunnies are about to take over, I sympathize and empathize. And I need to get cleaning! I think I hear the board of health now...