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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thank You Louise

While in my usual repose on sofa reading, I found this quote from Louise Nevelson whose work I admire immensely.
"Logic, where you ponder and, oh dear, it sounds so fancy----what in the hell do you need it for?
It measures you and limits you. See now take a word like imagination. Imagination is not vague. Imagination is flash thinking, instantaneous." Louise Nevelson 1900-1988

Well slap myself on the forehead and shut my mouth. What I have been doing is trying to put some rational, logical reason in my head for not working. Kinda Freud on demand. I can no more make a logical reason for this than I can stop breathing...well let's hope I don't stop breathing. Being an artist is akin to being a child, playful, open and curious as to why all those adults are so weird. Problem solved: I became an adult.

Granted it is hard not to do with the world in its current state of feels the heavy weight of adulthood deeply. But as Louise stated so beautifully all the logic and pondering I might do will not change anything but me. Artist must be optimist, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that they are an intrinsic part of that light.

I am not implying one should not take responsibility for their a matter of fact that is the major problem we are currently is always someone else's fault....not the Attorney General, the Republicans and Democrats, the VP or the President. Some unknown is at fault...gee, I wish we could find that person and put an end to all this.

One must guard their creative energy like a mother lion with her cubs. If we aren't always on the look-out, a world weary energy creeps in and steals it away piece by piece. We must always be aware of the power that creating gives soothe the emotions of others, to bring beauty into an uncertain world. I am reminded of Franklin Roosevelt's WPA projects in which he hired artist and craftsman as well as engineers and labor. Some of the most beautiful of the projects are still with us and were created in a deeply troubled world. However, these artists brought to the poor and unemployed, hope and joy from the beauty of the work.

So Mr. President, VP and all the other pundits that have put us in a dark place, I will defy you and pledge to bring beauty into this world. I will stop thinking and start doing....even if it isn't successful, I will continue to try. Imagination will be my constant companion and logic can go jump in the lake.

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Irene Urban said...

Hi Gabrielle, I do not read your blog on a regular basis, but when I happen to do so, I often find thoughts of yours that really make my day, like this one. Thank you so much for sharing your musings.