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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lost Something Again

This cleaning thing is for the birds. Remember my last lost transparency and sketch. That went well after reverse engineering and the new dvd is ready to be edited. However, now I have gone and lost my USB cable to my new camera. It is cord world around here anyway. We have chargers for cell phones, laptop chargers, a power box for the editing computer so you have time to save what you are working on in case of a power outage but no camera cables. I decided to do this Feung Shei (okay I spelled that wrong) thing in my office, moving furniture, placing things facing east (apparently my direction for good fortune) and doing an overall re-organization. Suddenly no camera cable. I am stymied.
I had just been using it for the Florida pictures and now I can't find it anywhere. Gremlins are afoot in the cord world of my house.
The real question is why was I cleaning again. Two answers: Avoiding working in the studio and son Thomas finally coming home from Baylor. He took the bar exam last week. 3 days fifteen hours each and has to drive down on the 10th of this month to take another test....some sort of multi-state thing.
Glad to have him home for awhile but the house was a pit. Don't get excited I only did the bare minimum but tomorrow have to make a trip to the grocery store. Ronnie and I are so accustomed to just the two of us that we don't buy big any more. However, Thom is still a growing boy and wants to eat lots.
Back to the bar exam, I am sure it was a monster but here's the bad news...he won't know if he passed until November. Sheesh! I would be a bundle of nerves. For me that isn't so far away because of having to get ready for Houston but for him it has to be torture. On the brighter side, every single Baylor Law graduate who took the test in February passed. Woo hoo! Of all the law schools in Texas, Baylor has the highest number of graduates who pass the bar the first time....something like 96%. So everyone keep their fingers crossed for Thom...he has worked so hard....two undergrad degrees in 3 years, graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa and now 3 years at Baylor. I think he needs a break. No pressure from us to get a job...we are going to let him chill awhile before we start whining.
How boring this is going to be with no pictures...ugh! To reason number one, avoiding the studio. I have no idea what is wrong with me. I have several quilts started in various stages of production, tons of drawings and just can't seem to do anything. Every morning I wake-up with the today is the day and then nothing. Sweet Ronnie says I am just re-charging my batteries from so much traveling but all I could think about when I was on the road was being in the studio.....and how wonderful that was going to be. Enough whining, surely someday it will hit me to work again.
Rhonda asked in my post on photography how I got two pictures in the post. Hey Rhonda thanks for the comment. I use Picassa 2 which allows me to click a dot that holds the pictures I want to post. It does have a possibly 3 or four pictures in one post but give it a try. I downloaded it free from Google. Are most of us using Picassa? It is kinda quirky occasionally but is pretty reliable. Of course, you have to have camera cables to upload from your camera. I'll shut up now. This post is way to long and has said nothing but the news about Thom. Be back soon.

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Valeri said...

Gabrielle firstly good to see you writing again and secondly if you have the facility either on your computer or your printer; then you can just insert your smart media, xd card or whatever your camera uses and download your pictures that way. I have a small doodad like a usb mass storage thingy which takes my xd card in the side and then I plug it into a usb slot and voila the pictures download into Picassa. Lost my cable years ago! Should you be interested in this thing I can find out its real technical name so you can find one! :-)