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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Lost is Found and Other Stuff

Ta da! I found the illusive cable hiding in my projector case....right where it belonged. What idiot put it there I have no idea but now the blog won't be so unattractive. I was not going to give up I knew it was in this house. Now I think I will turn it into some lovely piece of jewelry so I will always have it on my body. Sigh of relief.

Since I am behind in pictures here is an assortment of oddities. Chris made me post a new picture of him so you wouldn't think he was actually as fat as the previous picture. Here he is hard at work setting up one of the cameras for our last project. As you can see, he is quite intense about the angle of the shot. We did this shoot in a record two days...all to his skill. Thanks, sweetie.

The next photo I couldn't resist. My last teaching gig in California we were using light boxes as usual but the room had great light for sewing which was interfering with the
light box. The ambient light in any room shines down on the light box while the light box is pushing light upward. Occasionally they really get into an argument. Mark was working on a fairly dark fabric so that didn't help. Creativity abounds.....he used the old camera technique of covering the lens while viewing the subject.

I had such fun with this class. What a hoot! I told them I thought we had more fun than what we learned but they disagreed....and it wasn't just the class, it was the entire guild. During the lecture, there was plenty of interaction and lots of laughs. Thanks for a great trip.

Last photo gives me just the excuse I needed to not be working. Now I can blame it on someone else instead of my laziness and other questionable reasons. Thom moved home Tuesday from Baylor. Since I co-opted his old room for my office, the poor thing doesn't even have room for his bed. We got out the Aero mattress and stuffed the rest of his life
in the studio. Just the excuse I needed for my total lack of productivity.

Regarding my lack of working again, (I promise I will shut up about this soon) I am totally baffled. I have never gone this long without doing something my whole life. I am constantly questioning is it all over....time to move onto something else....retire...what?
Still hoping the October retreat in Taos will shed some light on this fallow period but what if it doesn't. Panic!

I have become exquisitely good at sitting on the sofa reading or watching bad tv. I got out a layered quilt the other day put about ten stitches in and went ...nah! Put the sucker right back where it was and went back to the sofa. It wouldn't bother me so much if I could just stop thinking about it and enjoy the sofa. However, there is always this little kernel in the pit of my stomach that makes me believe something is wrong with me. I try telling myself that I am incubating some great new series and that when
the energy returns, it will be even better than before.

Blame it on the heavens...maybe my planets are all mis-aligned. Would you guys get it together...puleeze! I never dreamed of a day that I would not want to make quilts....I still don't believe it....but for sure I am not doing it.

Now that I have my camera cable back, I think I will go out and shoot off something. Maybe that will help. I just gotta get it together before I drive everyone, including y
all nuts.
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