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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Can Your Believe It?

The most amazing thing that happened yesterday was out of the thousands of women, our own Karoda and I found each other. It was such a treat to get to spend a few minutes with her and meet her sister. Here's to you dear Karoda.....thanks for a great memory for this year.
Now for the correct pictures of the back of Best of Show. Sharon Shamber does all her quilting on a long arm but her motifs are more original and innovative than the usual stippling and feathers. Guess that is part of why she won, no?
Look at these incredible motifs and yes, there are crystals all over the back to highlight certain motifs. It is quilted in black thread...brave woman....which really brings another dimension to the quilting.
Here's a detail of how she used the crystals. I think there is nothing else to say.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday but today is cloudy and windy...looks like we are in for rain. Glad I spent most of my money yesterday. I was really good this year....of course, everything is relative. I needed some new hand dyes from Marit Kucera at ArtSpoken Yardage, found a great over-dyed damask table cloth from Wendy Richardson, and then there were just a few too irresitable to pass pieces of jewelry from several shops. Hey, we are supposed to help the local economy right?
We pick up our quilts this afternoon and then head for home tomorrow. I know I will be facing tons of paper work but being around all the quilts makes me itchy to get to the studio. Even though most of the work is not anywhere near my palette of choice, just seeing it all is inspiring.
I need more hours in a day, more days in a week and more weeks in a month. Sigh! Posted by Picasa


Gerrie said...

I am so jealous that you got to hang with Karoda for a bit!! Nice picture of the two of you!!

Cindra said...

Thank you for sharing everything. I don't live but a few hours away, yet I have never made it to Paducah. Shame on me.

Deb R said...

That's such a great pic of you and Karoda! You both look so pretty!! (And did you notice the woman behind you in the photo, watching how much fun you're having?)

Mrs. Mel said...

Your hair gets more glorious with every incarnation! I am loving the short two-tone!!!

Sonji Hunt said...

I agree with Gerrie...jealous that you got to hang with Karoda.

I agree with both look fabu and the woman behind you all is mucho jealous of your good time.

I agree with Melody...Gabrielle, your hair is glorious in and of itself and makes you look like a wundermodel.

I also agree with Cindra...I've never made it to Paducah. Shame on me. Luckily, I live much farther away than Cindra and I will shake the shame off in a matter of seconds (as I'm sure Cindra has too).

Here's my own original thought...that winning quilt makes me nervous. It's the detail. I am incapable of it, love it, want to wrap myself in it. I don't have that sort of dedication.

jenclair said...

I'm jealous, too! (to echo Gerrie about hangin' with Karoda) Your hair is terrific!

Karoda said...

hi gabrielle! the few minutes chatting and hugging was wonderful and just not enough are beautiful and radiate as much exuberance and laughter in person as you do on your blog!

Miriam said...

wow! you look like you had a lot of fun and omg to sharon schamber!