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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Come on has been ages since I did a quiz

Which Art Movement Are You? (pictures)

You're Expressionism! Expressionism was founded by artists who objected impressionism's shallowness and started to focus on the emotions and feelings their works of art held within (in other words, they were the EMOs of visual arts). Expressionists ceased to focus on trying to make the pictures look as real as possible and paid more attention on the atmosphere; the paintings consisted of bold colours, violent and intentionally visible brushstrokes and strong shapes that all supported the emotional content of the piece. Expressionism prevailed on its purset during the late 1800's the the early 1900's, but it's one of the few art movements that never fully went away - you can still see strong expressionist impressions in art made today. Famous Expressionists: Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Munch Picture: The Scream by Edward Munch - No wonder this painting is Munch's most celebrated work of art. It captures the very essence of anguish, depression, and anxiety in one single picture. Everything in this painting seems to be screaming; the violent brushstrokes, the bold colour contrast, the nightmare-sih atmosphere, and the use of sharp lines which draw the attention of the viewer to the centre of the picture - the screamer himself.
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Karoda said...

I was impressionism...

Debra said...

I was expressionism, too!!

And the reason it's been ages since you did a quiz?? That whole lack of blogging thing....

cfent said...

i was symoblism.
3 times.
not what i would have thought.

and what debra said....;-)

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