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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Found Quilts and New Collage Painting

Everyone take a deep sigh of son's are all married to genius women. Christy, the wife of Charles, called last night, worried about the quilts since she remembered we had used them in the booth at Market.....and guess where they were.....right in the container where she had put them. Kiss! Kiss! Thanks for the suggestion Mel but I sure am glad I don't have to make them over.
For your enjoyment a small piece that I painted using Windsor Newton ink and then cut apart into a collage. Don't give up on me though the leaf quilt is about to be revealed. Four more leaves to make and baste to background. When that is done I will post a pic.
I will never give up is my first love but am using all the other work to spark a transition in the quilts.
I have so enjoyed this time home and looking forward to a month home after Asilomar......not much telling how much trouble I can get into. Posted by Picasa


deb said...

I told you they were in an unpacked case!

Sharon R said...

Of course your sons are married to genius women -- with you as an example, they had no choice!

Glad the quilts are found.

Karoda said...

Are those inks acrylic inks? I purchased some FW brand of acrylic inks not knowing what to do with them (the colours where pretty)...and a few days ago I used them to paint of all things, a used dryer sheet. I like this piece.

But more than anything today the news of your found quilts thrilled me to life !!!!!! :)

Gerrie said...

Oh, so happy you found the lost quilts. I just know I am going to have a problem finding all of mine after the move.

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