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Monday, March 06, 2006

More Evidence of Gremlins

Okay who is bringing stuff to my house without me knowing. See what happens when you go on the road....gremlins sneak in and leave the place in a mess. Not to worry, I have until next Monday to get this debacle corrected. We were going to start filming the next dvd yesterday but between this mess and the fact that you can tell what color my hair really is we thought better of it....and no, I am not posting a picture of the hair...just trust me when I say it is really multi-color now.
This time off is really such a gift. I hope to make good use of it but then I am famous for piddling away time better than anyone. With that said, still want you to consider working seriously in more than one media. In part, the mess is from doing both but the ideas are sparking like spark plugs. Don't just take my word for it.....look at the wonderful photography Deb at RSR is doing.
Part of the creative process is exploring any avenue available to you. Deb and her camera are composing great designs eveyday she posts.
Okay enough woe is to start correcting the problem. Posted by Picasa

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Deb R said...

Aaww, thanks Gabrielle! Glad you're enjoying the photos.

Every time you post pics of your house - even messy ones :-) - I drool yet again over the color of your walls. Yum!

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