Things are getting more and more eccentric at Casa de la Swain. Changing styles in my textile work, falling in love again with painting and photography...and then there is the ever illusive quest for continuing creativity through working with Eric Maisel. Still on the road teaching, posting now at the Ragged Cloth Cafe and taking the pledge to keep handmaiden up to date.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post

As usual, the students are working some fabulous pieces. We will start critique today so I will be posting pictures tomorrow. Also we did the five word creativity exercise so when I get home will post some of there truly beautiful descriptions of the creative process. Otherwise, having too much fun and wish you were here. Sorry to be so brief but today is a busy day....not like yesterday wasn't . Spent two hours demostrating surface design techniques.....a big hit....but I was knackered by lunch. ...well, worth seein their eyes light up with possibilitity.


Valeri said...

Wish I could be there with you as we don't have anything like this over here. Sounds as if you are having a braw fun time!

JPK said...

Hi Gabrielle,

I am envious of your class - ooozing creativity and working hard. Would love to sit in on your surface design lessons!

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