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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Watch out California, I'm on my way!

Sorry no pictures of the leaf quilt got busy visiting with family and didn't get quite enough done to post anything work seeing. However, here we go with the eternal problem. Smart girl that I am, I shipped everything to California....teaching supplies, samples, etc. so that I will only have one suitcase the deal with it would happen there isn't enough room for the most important All my careful, thoughtful planning and now I will still be stuck with two for clothes and the other for shoes. Where did I go wrong? Maybe I should have shipped the shoes also.....or maybe I can just buy shoes after I get there...nah! Too many perfect shoes for the packed clothes. Oh the angst of it all...I must get this obsession under control.

Mel suggested the other day that we have a painting retreat for quiltmakers. Count me in, dear Miss Thin. Now just perxactly where and when will we do this outrageously creative, inspiring event? Oh, Sheesh, I will have to shoes there also. Anyhow, I nominate you to organize our eager group. Any seconds?

Not much else going on around here except the usual Gabrielle going in circles, doing multi-tasking, trying to decide what to have for dinner and some how make art. This time I faithfully promise not to let you down with no posts from Asilomar. I checked all the cords and have the lap top already packed......See Debra I am trying to be a better bloggger even though it is just blathering.

Actually, a new series is running around in my head....."Haunting." Not like ghosts or things that go hack and slash but rememberances of moments. Like that guy that you loved like crazy but knew you couldn't stay with or the first time you smelled the aroma of a particular scent...or the memory of waking up to the voices of your mom and grandmother in the kitchen preparing breakfast. You get the idea....however, I want each of these to be tied to an emotion thereby the haunting.

Natter, blather....go pack...see you in Asilomar.


Valeri said...

Buy a bigger suitcase! Simple! Problem solved!

Mary L said...

Carmel has some great shoe stores!!!! And you may need an umbrella!

See you in class!

Debra said...

Did you see they are predicting that airlines will charge us for each bag we bring onto a flight by the end of the year? (and still limit weight..).

Better learn to edit your choices or buy a bigger suitcase.

teri springer said...

Hmmm.....hauntings....the smell of perch and bluegills frying for breakfast at my grandmother's.......the smell of Oscar de Laurenta always makes me think of Hawai'i and my mother.....

teri...who doesn't worry about shoes...I wear one pair of Birks and pack the other

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