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Monday, March 20, 2006

Disaster Strikes!

Last night while packing for Asilomar, I had two particular quilts that I wanted to take for the class. Went to the closet....both are missing....not just one but two. I can't remember when I last saw them...pretty sure I took one to Australia but the other one is a vague memory. Could I have thrown them away in a cleaning frenzy not realizing what they were? These are both major pieces that "Maple Breaks" and "Eclipse."
I have looked high and low...torn everything apart....panicked for! What am I going to do if I can't find then? I can see mis-placing one by accident but two. That is just too unusual.
Trying to be Zen about it all...I am beginning the releasing phase. If they are gone, there is a reason why. I might not be able to fathom it but someday all will be balanced again. In the meantime, be sure to wipe the tears from your screen so you can read other blogs.


Debra said...

Praying to St. Anthony for you (and I am so lapsed a Catholic that this will probably complete fail you....)

deb said...

I will work roots and scry for you but ten bucks says you gave them away or there's another case you haven't unpacked yet. I lost a small piece on my last trip home to NY. It's probably in the dog's bed.

teri springer said...

They are there somewhere. Before going to bed tonight, concentrate on them and ask their guardian angel to help you find's amazing how much I find this way. The sleeping mind works so much better...fewer distractions.....good luck. Hey, any word on Tahoe??

Mrs. Mel said...

I lost my red shawl last week and had to make another one.
Then I did my mountain of laundry and found that damn shawl was in with the dirty clothes. Who knew? Now I have two red shawls. Could there be a reason, like you need to remake those quilts?

JPK said...

Did the quilts turn up?

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