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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Cambria Creativity Divas

After all my bragging about my wireless broadband card, it totally went south the last three days. Something about the hills and where you are in relationship to the repeater....anyhoo, here I sit at the San Jose airport on my way home and finally in touch.

To honor their hard work I have decided for the next few days to feature the artists in my class including their artist statements and a comprehensive look at all the work they accomplished. In the meantime since I am in the airport,here we are on the last day before saying a fond farewell. In back from left to right: Rosemary, Suzanne, Paula, Pat, Jan ( who was my angel and made my life way too easy), Judy, June, Christine and Marlene. In front, Irene, Sharon, some strange woman with weird red hair, Maggie and Marie. I cannot begin to thank these lovely ladies for enriching my life these past few days. They really kept me on my toes, thinking on my feet and loving every minute of it.

A very big thanks to Sandy Turner for giving me the privilege of teach this class at the Out of Heart and Hand Retreat......these students embody the title of the retreat many times over.

Don't get home until late tonight...after I checked in the delayed the flight 20 minutes. Lots 'o spring weather in Dallas/Fort I will start posting the individual artist statements and work tomorrow.
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