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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Great Tree Debate

For a change of pace, I thought I would update you on the home front before we go back to the Cambria artists. I have just been home long enough to get yard guy, Shannon, to start the spring/summer planting. We have had tons of rain so everything is taking hold well even though it looks a little sparse right now. When I get back from my next trip to California on the 17th, we will take another round at filling in.

However, that is not the debate. Do you see the dead tree? This tree was a plum that got blasted in one of our 60 mph straight winds. It held on for a long time but has finally bit the dust. I mean is this a dead tree or what?

Here comes the debate: I want a mimosa tree. Remember when everyone in the '50's had one....before mimosa became a morning cocktail. I grew up with one in my parents circular driveway. There were so many of them that occasionally you will see a volunteer come up along the freeways.....and I love the shape, obviously oriental. Sweet
Ronnie is digging in his heels because they drop seed pods. Sheesh! Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a movieeeee! He gave me "the look" when I said mimosa tree but I am standing my ground. Any other tree would totally dwarf the front yard which as you can see is miniscule.

We live on a cul-de-sac with our house being one of two at the very center. Our lot is a pie wedge with a small front yard and an enormous back yard, where the roses are.
If we plant any good size tree in the front, nothing else will grow there. The whole yard would be in shade even though it faces south. As it is now I can get anything that loves full sun to grow like the debate continues. Shannon is on the look out for a mimosa; since I can't seem to find one anywhere, but I win....stay tuned.
I have also included a picture of the indoor garden which is suffering somewhat in my absence. The rubber tree is so tall it needs to be moved, and the Boston fern needs attention. Everything else is doing fine. As to the Boston fern, I feel obligated to keep it alive. It came from Ronnie's grandmother, who passed along a cutting to her daughter, my sweet mother-in-law. Imagine how old this fern is....and now since they are both gone, it falls to me to keep the family fern alive. Oh, the responsibility of it all! It is so root bound at this point that when I come home I will try to divide and re-pot it....but if I kill the darn thing, I feel some bad karma coming on.

By the way, if you would like to see something my oldest son, Charles or Coyote as we foldly call him because he is such a trickster, is doing, go to this website:
He has a great site and has done an amazing amount of research. I think you will enjoy the memories.....I am in awe of his accomplishment.

Happy Mother's Day to all. Back with more artists soon.
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