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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Project: Self Discovery

Never fear I am not giving up quiltmaking or painting but for awhile I want to focus on my photography. I am still exploring the urban/rural theme but it dawned on me that may painters use themselves as why not photographers. I have always hated having my picture taken. A childhood memory of my mom, who did not want me to get conceited by all the polite things people say about young children left me with a deep knowledge that I was not attractive.
Her comments were well intended but sent the wrong message. The main this I remember from this period was "Well, you may not be pretty, but you are use that." Not to sure she was right on that count either....but I have to take this journey.
As I am aging, I have become entrigued where that young girl was and who the woman she is today. Therefore for a while, I will be doing some self-portraits, flattering I hope and unflattering.....the raw real daily life.
There won't be any titles and maybe this is total self-indulgence but somewhere in the core, I know there will be discovery. I invite you to take this journey with me.....and please don't hestitate to comment....positive or negative. Also, please fell free to say enough might not make me stop photographing but I could be persuaded to stop blogging the photos.
Yours on the path to the discovery of who I am as an artist.

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atet said...

I think one of the reasons for few self-portraits in photography is the difficulty in being able to "see" and focus on the subject. Although, digital cameras with a "flip" screen can help to mitigate that. Enjoy the journey! I'll enjoy the photos.