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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Self Discovery 2 Last for Awhile

Don't want to run this into the ground too early so these will be the last for awhile. The next work I do will focus on studio work/quilting because I know I have a totally different mind set when I work. Thinking this will make a difference in how I look I want to explore that also. Today's selection are the public me and after the "party."

The first is trying to decide what to wear. I put a soft focus on the picture because I always wonder what to wear. Lucikly, California is very casual so I brought very few choices. Other venues require much more professional gear.
Having decided I put on my war paint and am semi pleased with the results but never feel as if it quite measures up. At home I never wear make-up and always feel as if it changes who I am. We all have many different faces we show to the world....each appropriate for a particular situation. Is this the right face? Going into performance mode, I wait to "feel" the crowd, to measure how to present the lecture for maximum effect.
After the lecture, getting ready to drag myself to the shower, I relect on the evening. I am still tired from the late night arrival on Monday but looking forward to class on Wednesday. Looking at pictures from last year, I am surprised by how much older and more tired I look. It dawns on me that since I stopped exercising I have totally changed. Everything is sagging and I have much less stamina.....lesson learned. Gotta hit the rowing machine and gym when I get home to see if I can get any of that back.

Tomorrow back to the Cambria artist.
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Diane D. said...

I believe that our appearance changes both how we feel about ourselves, but also how others react to us. I have a very strong glasses prescription, and even in college when I put on my contacts my roommates called it "The Transformation." Same for makeup. Too bad that sometimes I'm just too tired to transform!