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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Round Two Cambria Artist

Sure am glad I have my laptop and wireless broadband card in Texas during spring weather. We got hit with another round of thunderstorms last night that knocked out our electricity. Lucky us....we have an all electric not only is there no hot water....brr...but I cannot cook or clean. The universe in balance....nothing is all bad or all good.

In the meantime, here are three more artist for you viewing pleasure. The first artist is Suzanne Golden. As you can see she painteed a whole cloth piece from a photograph of an old barn but she placed it on the diagonal so you get a very interesting viewpoint. Suzanne plans on adding more detail to the wood with thread and other media.

Suzanne's Artist Statement: The current work shows the expansion of color and design. This experience has opened my inner self to the freedom of childhood expression

I truly admire Suzanne's bold use of color and pattern. Keep it are on to something.

Next is Irene Dailey who always brightened our day with some new discovery. She was like a fish out of water with the first painting.....we simply practiced making gestures with the brush so that they could get the feel of how to push the paint...but as you can see, she didn't struggle for long. It was amazing how having so many hours to devote day after day brought such quick results. Something maybe we should all consider......the more you work the better you work.

Irene's Artist Statement: My artistic journey is my life's journey. Starting from rigidity, fear. "Be just like...," "Girls don't....,"You don't have...."
To May 2, 2007-----Allowing myself to cherish life's journey and make conscious decisions as to how to spend myprecious time here on earth.
As I have encouraged my children, I encourage myself to just be----be gentle on myself---be open to new ideas and experiences---be myself---be a learner---be joyful---be thankful for Gabrielle sharing herself with me.

I promise I didn't pay her to say that but what great insight into her own path. Thanks Irene for all the smiles and laughter.

Our final artist for today is Christine Kulich. Not to overstate the obvious but this is one talented lady. Christine has obviously worked in a variety of media and has a definite style just waiting to burst through her work. However, because she has done so many things she felt she wasn't truly an artist....pshaw!......just a little focus.....maybe a series....certainly not a lack of ideas or talent.

Christine's Artist Statement: With my art, I intend to live presently aand spread hope.
Love it still

I wish you could see the page she gave me for her artist statement. It is painted with beautiful brush strokes in a pale robin's egg blue and collaged with the "Love it still" phrase. Too cool....up on my inspiration wall for you Christine.

Back to the real world and off to get my hair done. Thank you atet and Gerrie for the comments. It is this kind of experience that is truly why I am still "on the road." Hey Rayna.....when will we meet again and yeah, I think you got the meaning.
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