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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Continuing with Cambria Artists

This was such a dedicated and open class that i don't want to leave anyone out.After a few days of other posts, I want to return to these very talented student.....if for no other reason than to show you their talent and that you to have the same talent if you will allow yourself to be open to it....not worry about the opinions of other people and dig deep to find you way of making meaning. The first artist is June Fincher. Her whole cloth is of peppers and gourds and her small quilt is made from painted fabric. Oneof the most valuable things June brought to us was a quote that she posted on her design wall. I hope you can read it.
June's Artist Statememt: Sunday, Monday,Tuesday....Delvig inyo art. Trying to connect, to understand principles of art.
Opening my mind----stay loose---be free---experiment.
My work shows some struggle, some success. I have to that I am a beginner and not get discouraged.
Wednesday---I feel more optimistic---things are beginning to sink in.
No doubt about it, June, you are on the path.

The second work is from Marie Diederick. Marie was a total delight as a full of talent and yet so humble. An artist with no ego but an incredible eye and desire to create...unique in all of her being.
Marie's Artist Statement: My work here is just the beginning. It has released me. I have no fear. I can do it. Do it my way. I'm free. Thank you.

Marie was already free all I did was open some doors, lift some veils. I felt for this entire class I was just a facilitator a mediator guiding them to their personal expression. What a gift for an instructor.

Our last artist in this post is Marlene Barkley. Marlene has a definite direction in which she wants to go but was needing exposure to a variety of media to accomplish that vision. I think we arrived at that place. I you could see her whole cloth of the rock and sky you would feel as if you could reach out and touch it.
Marlene's Artist Statement: My work, at this stage, reflects my inner turmoil of direction. I have spent the last few days going into a free fall and feel I have become grounded.
The first few exercises mirror that inner turmoil and dissatisfaction and now my rocks and the red piece show a direction.

I look forward to seeing where Marie will take her work....hopefully I will be back in Cambria in 2009 with some of these same students so we can push further and with new students who can join in this process of making meaning.

Only four more artists left...but I hope that is not the end of the journey.
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atet said...

Oh, what great work by your students. All of them. Sounds like this teaching experience really influenced you. Isn't it great when that happens?

Rhonda said...

What great works of art. It is always uplifting to see what people are capable of. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

POKE! POKEPOKEPOKE! How ya doing there Miss G? Miss ya!

Karoda said...

oh where oh where has Gabrielle gone?

i hope all is okay with you and you're just in blog break mode.