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Monday, May 07, 2007

The First Three Cambria Divas

On Wednesday afternoon, all the students toured each of the other classes. We set up our class like a gallery show featuring each artist instead of each exercises we accomplished. I asked them to write an artist statement about the work they had completed or just their art in general. Today we will feature: Pat Bauer, a dear friend from past classes. The first three pieces are painted cloth (PFD), the remainder of the work in on paper. Pat is also a book maker and plans on using some of her painted papers in that work.

Pat's Artist Statement: I really looked forward to this class because it would force me---in a pleasant way---to try new things that I had always avoided before. Sometimes it was painful and stresful. Trying new things always is for me.

The things I have tried, the things I have learned are now a part of me. I will be able to use these new techniques and incorporate them in my work---for the better I hope.

The exercises had expanded and stretched me in ways that allowed me to continue to grow.

Our next artist is Rosemary Koeneke. This class was a constant surprise for Rosemary and she was a constant delight to all of us with those surprises. Rosemary is an avid reader and an incredible wordsmith but never though of herself as an artist. I think you can see from the work she is well on her way to adding another aspect to her work.

Rosemary's Artist Statement: Art is a personal process, an argument of defined expectations. It dares to ask the provocative "What next?" (Wish I had thought of that one.)
Our last artist for today is Maggie Villanueva. Maggie is an incredible talent but due to other responsibilities has little time to create. We discussed carving out a day a week of 15 minutes in each day to satisfy her deep need to create. You can see from both her paper and fabric work, this great lady has talent just oozing out. She and several others got so excited they came back at night to paint. We used an entire jar of white acrylic paint.....note I said jar not tube. However, they never faulted and as you can see from Maggie's work, she is a natural at color mixing...who needs whie?

Maggie's Artist Statement: Being an individual was something that was not encouraged as a child. We were taught to think in terms of a "Group." What was best for the family, to watch out for each other.

Even though I do not wish to disconnect myself from the "Group" mainly because without them I would lose part of my identity. I do long to be an individual, an only child.

In the past few days, with the help of Gabrielle, I have discovered that art is a way with which I can express myself and have being doing so.

Three more artists tomorrow. My deep appreciation of this work grows everytime I get to look at it. I also want to thank all the artists for being willing to share their work and their thoughts with us. I miss them already....even though they were getting so far ahead of me I was having to tap dance to keep growth from them is immeasureable.
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atet said...

Isn't it great when the students outstrip the teacher? I think it's like that no matter what the subject, but it must be especially so with art.

Gerrie said...

Wonderful work. You seem to thrive on these teaching gigs and the creativity that comes from them.