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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Day Late, Hopefully Not a Dollar Short

Being off the road for two months has obviously turned my sense of time to @#$%. I built in the free time to get ready for Houston and to go to Taos. Sounds like a plan, right? Part of the plan worked but the other side of the coin is I never pay any attention to the day or date unless I have an appointment or a trip. Since sweet Ronnie has retired every day is Saturday or Sunday.

Thinking I am on track with plenty of time to finish everything I need to do for Houston and planning on leaving Friday, I blissfully, full of confidence get out my Market and Festival file. Gloating over how organized I was, total brain blast struck me when I saw what date I had to leave and when I was doing my School House presentation. My reservations start the 25th, Thursday, and School House is the 26th, Friday. Shift into high gear, start burning and labeling dvd's faster than a speeding bullet.....along with the brain freeze, I discover I gave you the wrong booth number. I am chalking it off to a typo...yeah sure! The booth isn't 536; it is 563. Just a slip of the finger I am sure.

Shoes and clothes have slipped to last place on the priority list. Packaging and printing have moved to the top of the list. No more I have plenty of time to get it all done....immediately has become the operative word. Amazing when you think you have it all together only to realize you have neglected too many tasks. Talk about a major dose of reality. Even more of a laugh is that I had printed out a Houston calendar but in my respite had failed to look at it. There it was all neat and so professional and not followed. What a ditzy broad I have become with free time.

I am considering this a morality tale. Don't lose track of the tasks at hand and look at your planner every day. I will try to keep you up-dated on my progress but if you don't hear from me until I get to Houston, you will know all went well.

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Rayna said...

Planner? I am supposed to have a PLANNER?? I, too, have been home too long - a planned hiatus from all the traveling, taken up with chores and family stuff too numerous to mention. Bleh.

I had my flight to Houston and cancelled, feeling only relief. If i could be at market without actually GOING there, it would be great. Good luck with your Schoolhouse - i am sure you'll knock 'em dead!