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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Great Market/Festival Turn Around

Today was move-in for festival but we got to stay in our same spot. All we had to do was re-arrange our tables and put out priced product. The security guards awarded us with the world land speed record for setting up a booth. Jessica, photo below, is a master at display and booth decoration. She priced what I handed to her and had the displays up in no time. I did the heavy lifting and storage of extra products. We entered the exhibit hall at 3:45 pm and were back in the hotel room at 5:21 pm. Set-up took no more than an hour. My heart goes out to everyone who worked until 8 pm and then have to finish tomorrow by 4 pm.

In addition to the fast set-up, we got out of the Hilton today and found diet Cokes for less than $3 a can at the drug store in the Parks Mall across from the Four Seasons. However, the best discovery was a Ninfa's restaurant in the mall. Jessica has never had Tex-Mex food so around noon we walked back over for lunch. I introduced her to Chile con Queso with Chorizo. She opted
for a Cheese Enchilada and a Chicken Flauta combo; I had my favorite Cheese Enchilada plate. Yummy! Jessica is a total convert to our Texas brand of Mexican food.

We are going in costume for Preview Night. Jessica is going to be in dress fairy costume which she made. I am going in as a Flamenco dancer in slacks since I forgot to pack my long skirt. Do with what you have.....hopefully we won't be the only exhibitors in costume, but if we are at least we will be having fun working from 5pm to 10 pm.
Not to gloat but our booth is totally different from all the others. We look much like an art supply store for quilters. Everyone else has the same cute patterns and fabric. Keep your fingers crossed for us that there are quilters out there who would love a fabulous Italian artist journal with beautiful colored pages of Italian papers.....along with the paint sticks, markers, art sticks and other assorted goodies.....not to mention the dvd's.

A few market after thoughts.... we had the best market we have ever had. Everyone was in agreement that dvd's were the next step in teaching tools for students. Several people commented that we are all so visual that dvd's are the obvious future for our market. Overall, the response was favorable and excited.

Check back in as soon as possible. Having a great time working hard.

Jessica in conversation with her mom....keeping her posted on the wonderful madness of market and festival.
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Anonymous said...

WOW! Your booth looks great, and your stuff sounds YUMMY. Hope you have a ball at preview, too!

Congrats on Market! you ROCK, Miss G!!

Patricia said...

I live in Houston, read your blog, can't wait to see your DVD. What number is your booth?