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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gabrielle Who?

After all my promises to be a better blogger, life got in the way. It has ranged from hectic to grim to give up all hope ye who enter around here. I have finally learned the editing program only to lose the edit three times when trying to export it to burn a master. I haven't been able to get any work type. After reformatting my hard drive, lost my word program and have been trying to convert all my documents into rich text files in Open Office. The list goes on and on.
Every morning I wake up ready to go and somehow between noon and 3 everything goes south.

On top of all that I had jury duty for a week. Glad I did my civic duty but hope it is a long time before I have to do that again.Although Tarrant County has raised jury duty to $40 a day so I actually got a pay check. However, the time lost from work has me running as fast as I can.

The good news is next week I get to go to Taos for the Creativity for Life retreat. Ah, time to take a breath and exhale and get back in touch with something other than paper work and computers. What a treat.

We are in the process of getting ready for Quilt Market and Festival so it is imperative I get this edit to work. But, I gotta say tech support is less than helpful. They will only communicate via email instead of by phone.....visions of me trying to explain something I don't understand. I can't even explain to them what is wrong without them telling me that can't happen....sure guys...but it just did.

I am near the point of just giving up but too stubborn to do so. However, I am taking today off before I crash and burn. Why is it sitting a the computer all day is more exhausting than doing physical labor?

So you can imagine the blog has gone to seed after spending 10 to 12 hours at the computer, blogging got left out of the mix. I will make no more promises of being better but will try to drop in more frequently.

I miss all of you and reading your posts...hopefully after this crunch is over life will return to some semblance of reality. Thinking of you all often.


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, I feel your pain! @#*(&$^ video editing software! Thinking of YOU, too, and wishing you a GREAT market and Festival.

Valeri said...

How lovely to get a new post on your blog. I've been tuning in every day just in case. Things are sent to try us as my old granny would say, and they do! But you'll get there I'm sure. Hope you do really well at Festival and enjoy the retreat. Don't be too long before you come back to us!

SharonH said...

Hi there Gabrielle,

I must have had a sixth sense you had started blogging and I am so glad that it proved me right... It was only yesterday I was telling a friend about your amazing work... Glad to see you back again I have missed my 'daily dose' of Gabrielle... Life does get in the way at times and of course that is the nature of the beast... Have a wonderful time at the retreat...

Sharon - from Australia

Patsy said...

Hi Gabrielle,
I check your blog daily so was heartened to see you had posted...she lives! I read with both sorrow and a chuckle about your editing/dvd authoring struggles. My husband and I produce instructional DVD's and have gone through the pain of this part of the process more times than either of us would have chosen! If, by chance, you edited using Adobe Premier Pro, my husband says he may be able to help you by phone if you still need help. (No promises, but he's willing to try!) If that was your editing software and you want some free assistance, email me and we'll send you our phone number.

Jana B said...

"Why is it sitting a the computer all day is more exhausting than doing physical labor?"

I have no idea, but I find that to be SO STINKIN' TRUE!!!!!!

(BTW, nice blog!)