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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Remember the self portrait studies

Since I am on a mad frenzy of posting, I thought I would post the latest in my self portrait studies. These are all done for my own purposes of self-discovery but they are also a quick art fix.
What I notice the most is how much older I look than last year. There is a tiredness that wasn't there....probably from not exercising....or just another year older. Nah!
I have tried to explain to sweet Ronnie what not making art has done to me...spiritually, mentally and physically but I just can't seem to find the words that he can relate to.
Of course all of you understand what I am trying to say. There is a hole in my pun intended but I am no longer whole. The parts are all there but just not in working order.
For me, making art adds meaning to my life that nothing else can fulfill. It doesn't mean I love my family less or don't want to be professional regarding my business. Making art is an entirely different space. In part, I have gotten out of the habit due to circumstances beyond my control. However, when I do have a moment there is still
a lack of energy.
This to shall pass but brother am I tired of whatever this phase is. Anyway the photos at least keep me in touch with some comoposition skills.
Watch out I might post again tomorrow....faint and fall over.
Maybe not your favorite but reminds me of a shot from an old film noir movie...if only my nails were painted blood red.
Really liked the angle of my shoulder and where the dot of my strawberry mark fit into the scene. Weird one should like their strawberry marks but I have more which cannot be revealed in mixed company.
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Jeannie said...

Really like the self portraits, especially the first one - there is a hint of vulnerability or a deep, hidden secret about to be exposed. I hope you find that part of you that you are seeking, I know how that feels and the joy when you come back to yourself. Take care.