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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Woke up this morning a looked in the mirror! Scared myself over not just the bags but the whole set of luggage under my eyes. How appropriate for Halloween. I don't need external spooky stuff to scare me....just a quick glance in the looking glass sans make up did the trick....hopefully as the day progrsses it will turn into a treat. Sheesh! I may have reached the point of diminishing return.

Thanks Caity and Pat for you comments about the booth. Just for you Pat the booth is number 563. We are almost the last booth in the 500's but worth the trip. Stop by if you get a chance.

Upon reflection, the day off was both good and not so good. Eating at Ninfa's made us so full we really wanted to skip dinner but knew we shouldn't. We did eat a light dinner. Jessica had a salad; I had a salad and a small bowl of mussles.....but then we fell off the wagon and each ordered a slice of four layer carrot cake. Big mistake! I took mine back to the room without taking a bite; Jessica made it through one layer and had the rest boxed up for a midnight snack. Upon returning to the room, watched some television and I fell asleep around 10 pm only to wake up around midnight. With a nice 2 hour nap and having eaten my way through Houston, I wasn't able to go back to sleep until after 3 am. Good thing we don't have to be at work until 4 pm today.

Around 2:30 I indulged myself with one layer of the cake which was delicious....and probably helped put me to sleep as carbs always do but it certainly did not improve my girth. I realized a couple of months ago how out of shape I had gotten...think we have discussed this already....but now see the full impact not rowing has had on me. I have gained a few lbs.....we won't go there...but my strength and ability to recover from intense gigs has been greatly diminished. Time to turn over a new leaf.

Just a side note, we really miss Christy, my incredible business manager and loving daughter in law. She, luckily, had ordered everything for market and festival in advance so we were all set to go. However, she has been dealing with an un-diagnosed illness and both her darling hubby, my oldest son, and I decided that a trip to Houston would not improve her condition. The good news is she has been diagnosed and now the powers that be, along with Christy and Charles, are trying to decide on a course of treatment. Being the good business manager that she is there was a call during much have you sold, have you paid for the booth...always my best interest on her mind. Better than that she sounded rested and relieved.....the best news ever. Here's to you Christy....wish you were here and thanks for all your hard work to get us here.

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween and if you come to Fesrival, lots of inspiration to get back to the studio. Be back soon.
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Deb said...

Your bags?!!
I want to know where I can get an artist's grant that covers cosmetic surgery!

Jeannie said...

When people told me as a child I had my Grandma's eyes I didn't realize that included the luggage. I like Deb's idea. Will you be selling the artist journals on your web site? They sound beautiful. Your booth is gorgeous. Have fun! Cheers.