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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And The Winners Are....

Best Hand Workmanship Pamela Humphries "Feathered Beauties"
Best Machine Workmanship Ricky Tims "Fire Dragon Raphsody"
Best Long Arm again Sharon Schamber.

Just a little preview of some of the winners. We managed to make it through most of the quilts but know we need to return tomorrow for a more in-depth study. We also have to do the museum so I can visit Totem and the Yeiser Art Center.....lunch downtown at C.C. Cohen's, a yearly ritual. Dinner at Flamingo Row that has a new location near our motel and then we just might be tempted to visit Superman's home, Metropolis for a little turn at the casino.
Turning in for the evening, your roving reporter, on the story for tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


Emily said...

Hi Gabrielle, thanks for the preview! I'll be there on Friday and Saturday--will probably run in to you at one of the restaurants!

Sheril Drummond said...

Hi Gabrielle,
Thanks for the preview. Unfortunately I can't be there until Saturday and do the museum on Sunday.

I would like to ask you about judging at Paducah.
I have a quilt in the show, the big butterflies on a black background. Of course all of us want to win Best of Show someday, so tell me what separates the big winners from the rest and any other comments you would like to pass on.