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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A long respite home

Just when you thought it was safe, I'm baaack. California was great....almost like a retreat for me as well as the students. Bad news is I came home sick. Didn't start feeling bad until about 3 p.m. in the airport and continued to get worse until finally hugging the toilet at home. Must have been a 24 hour bug or bad food but feeling fine now.
For you viewing pleasure, two pieces suggested from last session with Eric. His challenge was to do totally experimental pieces.....and I certainly did that for him, no? I am not at all happy with these pieces. They are acrylic on gessoed masonite painted with one of those fake credit cards you get in solitications.
My first discovery is I don't care for the hard surface of the masonite. I can see where it would hold lots of heavy paint but the paint pushes so differently that I am not sure it is my style. Of course, I will forge ahead with more experimenting but I am pretty sure this isn't my thing.
The other problem is he wanted me to choose an emotion and bring that to the studio for each painting. Whoops! Angst and double angst.....even though I want my art to be revelatory...not sure I can succeed at this.
Remember these are just exercises but this was very difficult for me. Am I just not capable of bringing more of myself to the work or is this just not the way to do so? Only the Shadow knows.....of course you will be the first to know. Could be abstraction is my path and non-representational just isn't my thing. The point as always is the journey....and I'm determined to see this through.
As to today, what was going to be a working day has turned into a play day. My grandson, Gareth, is visting mom and dad, Charles and Christy for spring break. They called last night to see if grandma would like to go to the museums in Fort Worth......never turn down a trip to a museum.
Will post more pics tomorrow. Now off to the corner to sulk in my angst. Posted by Picasa


Debra said...

I like the first piece... well, it feels familiar to me after 30 days of rain in the past 36 days!!

Though I couldn't look at either work and tell what emotion you were expressing...

Welcome home. How long for this time?? And where'd you get the food poisoning?

teri springer said...

Actually, I really like these too. Especially the first one.

Food poisoning.....yuck. Been there, done that and more than once! I even poisoned myself once. (hint: never eat a cream-filled Bismark that has been out in the car over night no matter how cold out it was)......

Keep up the wonderful work.


PaMdora said...

I also like the first piece better. The second one looks to me like it was painted with a credit card, and I've always thought you should be careful of letting your tools dictate your imagery because I've seen lots of artists allow that to happen.

Why are you trying to do abstract? I think your quilts are not necessarily representational, but rather draw on some symbols that we all recognize, but become abstract in the way that you use them. Why can't your painting also? I have a friend who just jumped from doing recognizable imagery into complete abstract, and I don't like her new stuff very much.

BTW, I was asked to do a SOS interview and was trying to decide whether to do, and so happened to read yours. You had long hair! But the interview was so articulate and you spoke so cohesively, I was impressed!

PaMdora said...

p.s. I was assigned once to do a drawing with emotion (but it wasn't abstract, it was a city-scape), and it turned out really good. I should give myself that assignment once in a while.