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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oops...forgot my favorite!

I just love this photograph....looks like something an ad agency needs. The man standing on the corner is almost like a statue, and even though this is in the middle of downtown Fort Worth, you can see we still have big sky. Rural meets urban very quickly here. For any fellow Texans, this is the corner of Throckmorton and Belknap going toward Forest Park and the Trinity River. Posted by Picasa

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Terry said...

I love your photos with the bright colors. This one is so hot it reminds me of a clear, hot day, when you can smell the heat radiating off the sidewalks. That man is about to go into a darkened cafe where he can take off his jacket and tie, wipe his face with his handkerchief and ask for a big glass of water, followed by a scotch on the rocks.

This picture definitely tells a story!