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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Hard Day and Night

Set-up shots, camera angles, Chris working hard editing and me after a long night shooting....only to decide to start over with a whole new approach. We were shooting sequentially...lecture, exercise, lecture, etc. Light bulb moment! Why not shoot all the lectures is one segment, then shoot all the exercises and edit them together later. How cool is that?
Got up early this morning after about three hours sleep...thank goodness for make-up and great lighting and ta da! we are finished with the lecture segments. Tonight when it cools to a decent temperature we will shoot the exercises.
Speaking of temperature, it hit 101 F. in Fort Worth yesterday and this is only April.....sheesh! what will summer bring. My pansies are fried
rather they look like raisins.

Terry thanks for the comment on the photos. I am really enjoying doing these and I totally agree only I would be looking for a great Cosmo.

One of the set up shoots includes the cartoon for my next quilt. It is folded to fit into the video screen but hopefully you can get a feeling for where I am going.

Mel, dahling, I miss you but not to worry I just had some sort of bug and am firing on all cylinders now. However, I guess I might as well
reveal the health situation that has been causing me some anxiety. I am not really worried because the dr. isn't all that worried but I had a bad pap. Don't think it is anything because it was classified as atypical which is about seven steps from make your peace. Had the second pap last Monday and hoping the results are back before I go to Paducah....whatever happens I will have a good time and I will keep you informed.

Oh...will I ever lose these extra pounds. After all my hard work, I have become a slug and am barely exercising....while filming, it is fast food city which doesn't help. Not that we don't have food to cook but would Steven Spielberg ask his talent to cook and shoot....I think not. So look for a fat woman with bright red hair as shown in the photo below after we finished shooting last night. It is a sad state of affairs. Posted by Picasa


Karoda said...

I'll be looking for you in Paducah! Look for the most beautiful Black woman you've ever seen with portable oxygen :)

teri springer said...

Uh, Gabrielle, why is that box hanging from the ceiling???

Wish I was going to Paducah but I will be on a bus trip to Washington, DC with about 60 other parents and 8th I crazy or what??

Keeping fingers crossed your PAP ends up like my mamm.....after multiple boob smooshings, then repeated ultrasounds (bood smooshing with ice cold goo) they decided I have lots of cysts and there is nothing to worry about except we're gonna repeat this every year.....oh goody.


Caitlin said...

Your studio looks FABBO - you will let us know AS SOON AS we can get this new DVD, yes?

And in synchronicity - my best friend was just in surgery yesterday after 3 "irregular" paps - no cancer, not even "pre-cancerous" cells, just 3 bad paps in a row meant that the gyn wanted to be sure. I spoke to her today - All clear!! She didn't even have a reaction to the anaesthesia, and her hand where they put the IV in hurt more than the surgery site. So fingers crossed it will be the same good outcome for you, Gabrielle my dear!

Oh and hey - I like the longer hair!