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Friday, April 28, 2006

Can It Be Friday, Already?

Where did the week go? Seems as if we just got here and tomorrow is the last day of the show. I could stay another week....and certainly have enough clothes to do so, but Sunday we will be on the road to Texas. Until then a few requested photos and some just for fun.
This is Dale Perry, who greets you and checks your badges and bracelets so you can enter the show floor. He has become one of our favorite people in Paducah. On Friday night he throws a major league party...invitations highly sought. He and his wife Donna invite us for great food and the opportunity to spend time in their incredibly beautiful home. Thanks Dale for
another great year.

Here I am playing stunt double for Deb. Your quilt looks fabulous in the show....and since we both have red hair, I managed to blend well with the art.

This is one of my favorite quilts in the small wall quilt division. It is so innovative and painterly. Congrats to Mary Jo Bowers for Circles's very exciting.

This is Diane Doran's Grotto...notice the Honorable Mention ribbon....way to go Diane. This category is always tough competition since it is where most of the art quilts are entered. This year they divided the category into traditional, non-traditional and pictorial. Smart move...really makes the show more cohesive.

I loved Diane's quilt in Houston and love it even more the second time around. It is so painterly and the colorwork is to die for.

A real tickle yesterday was seeing a vendor carrying my DVD on Surface Design..woot! Of course, I spent money in her booth since she was carrying lots of surface design stuff. Also bought two incredible pieces of hand dyed sateen from a new dyer....will have to post her name for you later when I find the business cards among the stacks of purchases.

Deborah, you are correct the back of the quilt in the photos is the one that won the long arm award. I will snap one of best of show today so you can see what it is like.

Gerrie, thanks for the comment on my blathering. You know how I think about this stuff all the time. Not saying my conclusions are right for everyone but they work for me.....and Mel,with your talent you don't have to dance to that tune either.

Off for one more day of total saturation....Cheers! Posted by Picasa


Gerrie said...

I'm loving the circle quilt, too!!

Sonji Hunt said...

I think that Mary Jo Bowers had a fabu quilt in the Art and Soul of Quilting show, too. Circles are the best.

Thanks for the tour. Love them. I feel so out of it. I had no idea that it was already Paducah time. Gotta get back on the internet more regularly. Yeesh. look fabu.

Diane D. said...

Thank you so much for posting the picture, Gabrielle!! (And for all your nice remarks. Using your colored pencil techniques on the quilt made a big difference.) I didn't know I'd won anything until this morning - seeing the picture makes it more real. It's great to have your on the spot coverage.

Deb R said...

Thanks for the pics, Gabrielle! You look great with my quilt, especially with your sparkly shirt. :-)

I love seeing the others too. I already knew I liked Diane's and that circle one is fabulous.