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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Best of Show by Sharon Schamber "Sedona Rose"

Back of quilt
Detail of back of quilt. Quilted on a longarm machine...but that's not all she also won Best Long Arm if she takes the money it will be a hefty $32K.....whoa doggies! Posted by Picasa


Deb R said...

Damn! That's pretty amazing (both the quilt itself and the prize money). I would never have guessed those are opposite sides of the same quilt.

Hey, Gabrielle, since I can't be there, maybe you could get someone to take a photo of you next to my quilts, as like my quilt stunt double! :-)

Dianna in Maui said...

Oh my God! Are those little jewels on the back of the quilt? Amazing...psychotic, but amazing!

Cathy said...

Sharon's work is amazing. I have taken classes from her, she's a very special person and a great teacher. But I'm sure you must be too, I've just never has the opportunity to take a class form you :>(

Deborah said...

Wait a minute. Surely these three pictures are not all the same quilt. I can see that the third picture is a detail of the back of the quilt in the second picture. But isn't the top one an altogether different quilt? Crystals on the back? And what are those black dots? Are they some kind of embellishment also? That quilting is so tiny! Wonderful patterns. I like it.

Kelsey said...

I don't think that second picture is the same quilt. I saw this quilt many years ago in person and it was all that yellow/gold solid color on the back with all the detailing in the third pic. Such a shame too because I can't find a picture of the full back of it anywhere :(