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Friday, November 02, 2007

Congratulations Are in Order

I have posted this picture before but November 1, 2007 it has taken on a whole new meaning.....and it's the only picture I have of him on my laptop. Today Thom became Thomas Harlan Swain, Esquire. The bar exam results are in and he passed on the first try......bells, whistles, and confetti!!!! Not only that but he starts a job tomorrow in Fort Worth in civil rights litigation......just what he wanted to haw!

Congratulations Thom...and here's to a long and productive career. I wish your Grandpa Swain could see you now. He would be busting buttons like be totally honest he would be insufferable in his joy. I have to admit I made a little bit of a ruckus myself right on the convention center floor of Quilt Festival when Thom called with the news.
Everyone in the booths around us sends you their best wishes also.

As fate would have it, and the last thing I needed to happen here, I am having one of my insomnia nights. Just imagine what I will be like tomorrow......scary but true. Slept from around 10 pm until 1 am and woke up like it was morning. Jessica may have to man the booth momentarily while I slip away but we will see how it goes. We had a good day today but I am body is sore in places I didn't know I I am blaming both things for tonight's episode.....too tired to sleep, to sore to lay still for an length of time.....and maybe just a little bit excited about Thom.

Thanks ladies for your comments about the booth. Jeannie, we will probably put anything we have left on the website.....lots of it would make great Christmas gifts. To everyone who has ordered dvd's but hasn't received them yet, my apologies. Our shopping cart went off line with our merchant gateway so you haven't been charged. Craig, the computer genius, rocks.....he went to work, took the site down, and got us back in business in no time. However, I will be calling and shipping as soon as I get home to get everyone what they have ordered.

Think I will try to catch a wink or two of zzzz's, if possible.....more on the continuing saga later. You still haven't seen Jesssica and I in our full Halloween costumes for preview.....a sight to behold. Stay tuned.
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Valeri said...

Congratulations to Thom! May he have a long and prosperous career. My sister and niece are lawyers. It's definitely the career to have!

Deb said...

Mazel Tov, Mom!

Jeannie said...

Congratulations to Thom! What an accomplishment for both Thom and his parents who raised him so well. Hope you get a restful sleep tonight Gabrielle. Cheers.